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Our Team.

Greetings from the President!

The Arizona Asian American Association is also known as 4A or AAAA.

I am honored to serve as your new President of the AAAA.  The beauty is that we are one big community with so many diverse ethnic backgrounds and with different shades of color!  Our vibrant culture and costumes, different flavors of cuisine and delicacies, and our rich heritage make us like we are flowers of one garden.

Our passion is to promote diversity. Our goal is to bring the rich diverse culture of Asia to our community through celebration, education and festival. We outreach to people who are interested to know more about our Asian American community. Together we unite, and together we share because we are one big community.

I welcome you to join us, to get connected, or meet new friends. Arizona Asian American Association is one of the stronger group in Arizona.

Leaf Pattern Design


Directors at Large


Thanh Mai Le

Dr. James Campbell

Usani Weissinger

Asia Espiritu Dising

Marie Cunning

Mari Dillard

Dr.Elbert Kuo

Ty Ng

Mei Guarino

Mooi Yong Khosravani

Roger Thetsy 


Cultural Directors

Bangladeshí Director: Tauhid Rahman
Chinese Director: Jane Ho
Filipino Director: Asia Espiritu Dising
Indian Director: Sujaya Nambiar
Indonesian Director (N/A)
Japanese Director: Keiko Conn
Korean Director: Jee Nam
Laotian Director: Roger Thetsy
Myanmar Director: Emily Chient
Pacific Island Director: Kumu Kaimi Valdez
Pakistani Director: M Haroon Khamisani
Taiwanese Director: Cheng-Cham Kuo
Thai Director: Usani Weissinger
Vietnamese Director: Vy Ai Nguyen

Malaysian Cultural Director: Mariann Sunita

Persian Cultural Director: Pooka Fahimi

Karen Cultural Director: Aye Joy


Committee Chairs
Healthcare Chair: Dr. Elbert Kuo
Festival Chair: Choo Tay
Technology Chair:  Roger Thetsy

Legal Advisors: Bernard Wu; Barry Wong


2020- 2021 Babu Raman

2019-2019  Arthur Lin

2014-2019 Albert Lin

2010 -2014 Maribel Dillard

2008 - 2010  Caroline Lobo

2007 - 2008  Somsanguane Baldinger

2005 - 2007  Arif Kazmi

2003 - 2005  Bernard Wu

2001 - 2003  Kalpana Batni

1999 - 2001  Bea Chaves

1997 - 1999  Albert Lin

1996 - 1997  Mani Subra

1995 - 1996  Choo Tay

1994 - 1995  Charles Tsui

1992 - 1993  Dr. Steve Yang

1991 - 1992  Ashok Jain

1990 - 1991  Madeline Ong-Sakata

1989 - 1990  Gary Tadano

1988 - 1989  Dr. Paul Wong

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